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Stamped Concrete Textured and Colored Concrete Surfaces

Decorative Concrete is cast in place concrete, integrally colored and stamped with texturing tools to produce a surface similar to natural stone, brick, slate, and other natural paving materials. Base color is achieved through integral color pigments in the concrete mix or surface treated with color hardeners. A powdered release agent is used in the stamping process and insures maximum surface detail while providing a second color for surface highlights and distinctive grout line look. Decorative concrete's special acrylic base sealer is added in curing process and provides full color depth and richness with maximum concrete protection.

Used inside and outside of homes and businesses, decorative concrete allows for custom textured and colored concrete surfaces, providing and alternative to plain concrete or pavers with unlimited possibilities. Decorative concrete can add decorative touches to patios, pool decks, walks, driveways, sun rooms and porches.

What is the most popular pattern?

Granite and slate patterns are far the most popular. They are more realistic to stone and slate. The patterns are more shallow and are more stable for chairs and tables. The natural colors of slate or granite are earth tones and usually go with any house. And not a busy pattern that you will get tired of. View color chart.

What maintenance is required for stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete will require very little maintenance. Every 3 - 5 years a new coat of sealer will need to be applied to bring back the original sheen and add protection to the surface.

Will my concrete crack?

Concrete does crack. How ever your concrete will have saw cuts and or control joints to control cracking. Occasionally some hair line cracking outside of the control joints does occur. This totally normal and does not effect the integrity of your concrete.

In the decorative concrete industry there is a lot more involved than just forming and pouring a pad. We will work with you on design ideas, layouts,putting the correct size patio,steps, and options.

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